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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dosha Samyam (Analysing Quantum of Dosha)

Dosha Samyam means balancing of affliction. If any dosha exists in one chart it should be nullified by similar dosha in the other chart. For this the total dosha in each chart is to be calculated first and then compared.

Affliction of lagna, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th houses by the occupation of malefic planets is called kalatra dosham.

The malefic planets are 1) Rahu 2) Sun 3) Saturn and 4) Mars.  Ketu, malefic Moon and malefic Mercury will not produce any dosha.

I) A malefic does not produce the same amount of dosha in all the above-mentioned houses.
  1. A malefic in lagna or 2nd house or 4th house produces 3 units of dosha
  2. A malefic in 7th house produces 5 units of dosha
  3. A malefic in 8th house produces 6 units of dosha
  4. A malefic in 12th house produces 1 unit of dosha

II) The four malefics do not produce the same amount of dosha.
Rahu produces 1 unit of dosha
Sun produces 2 units of dosha
Saturn produces 3 units of dosha
Mars produces 4 units of dosha

Dosha = unit of house X unit of malefic planet

For eg., Sun in lagna:
Unit for Sun is 2
Unit for lagna is 3
Hence, Sun in lagna produces 2 X 3 = 6 units of dosha

III) Avasta of planet:

The dosha produced by the planet depends upon its Avasta as follows.

Planet in exaltation                    no dosha
Planet in Moola trikona               25%   1/4th  unit
Planet in own house                   50%   ½      unit
Planet in friend’s house              75%     3/4th  unit
Planet in Debilitation                 125%  1-1/4th unit

The dosha should be calculated from lagna, Moon and Venus.
Rule 1. When calculating from Moon reduce the dosha to 50%
Rule 2. When calculating from Venus reduce the dosha to 25%
Rule 3. For calculating total dosha add dosha calculated from Lagna, Moon and Venus.
Rule 4: The dosha in the two charts should be equal or it can be more in boy’s chart. The dosha of the girl should not be more than that of the boy. Dosha in the boy’s chart can be double than the dosha in the girl’s chart. 


  1. Suppose one dosham is there in the rasi chart of the girl and no such dosham is there is found in the navamsa of the girl, can it be considered as a dosham?
    If a dosham in the rasi chart matches with the navamsa chart of the boy, then can we take it

  2. Yes should be considered for Rasi Chart... and not for Navamsa Chart....
    Defenitely dosha will exist in any of the chart of the boy or the girl.