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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sade Sati (Seven and Half year Saturn)

In every body’s life, Moon and Saturn play an important role.

Moon signifies mind. Mind makes us to feel happy or sad and responsible for our emotional set up.

Saturn is called “ TAPAH KAARAKA ”, significator of Tapasya. Saturn is a very hard taskmaster and a stern disciplinarian and he gives results as per our karmas without any partiality or bias.

Therefore, when he comes near our natal Moon, we tend to come under the influence of Saturn and face the consequences of our past deeds.

Saturn takes two and half years to transit in one rasi. Thus, Saturn takes seven and half years time to transit over the 12th sign from Moon, over natal moon and the 2nd house from the natal Moon. Seven and half is called "SAADE SATH" in Hindi and hence this period is called SAADE SATHI.

In a person’s life saade saathi comes for 3 to 5 times.  At an average it is only 3 times when a person can experience the effects of saade saathi. The first is known as fading saade saathi, the second round is known as boiling saade saathi and the third is know as the killing saade saathi. 

It repeats approx. after 30 years from the date of saade saathi began. 

As per Astrological classics the effects of transiting Saturn when transiting in the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from natal Moon are mentioned as follows.

When Saturn is transiting in the 12th house from Moon, there can be loss of fame, mental anxiety, ill health, suffering from indigestion, unrest in family, and loss of wealth. One may have to face lot of difficulties.

When Saturn is transiting in the rasi of Moon, there will be loss in velour, mental upset and anxiety, fear, pain due to ill health, enmity with relatives and worries.

When Saturn is transiting in the 2nd house from moon, there can be failures in your endeavors, wasteful wandering, and intention of doing sinful deeds and enmity with family members.

In general one may face the following adverse effects during this period.Your mind will tell you to take short cuts in life, but do not fall pray to it.  Any decision you want to take, take good suggestion and consultation from your superiors and elders in the family.   During this period even your health may suffer and you may have some legs and joints associated problems.  Abortive venture, failures, irritable nature, insults, unnecessary delays and ill health, even imprisonments in some cases, can occur during this period.  Misshapenness of highest order takes place during this period. Our bad karmas of past are accountable for these effects.  Saturn is a tough taskmaster and he gives results as per our karmas only.  Therefore, when he is in succeeding and preceding rashi apart from over natal moon, he brings miseries and troubles to natives.

One should not take rash decision and speculative tendencies should be avoided during this period.  This period need not be harmful and dangerous to one and all. The effects of Saade Saati depend up on various factors like, ascendant, running dasa, Moorty nirnayam of Planet Saturn, Ashtakavarga strength and favorable transit of Jupiter. When these factors are favorable, one may get benefits like acquisition of position, fame, wealth etc.  During this period, propitiation to lord Sahni devata by offering til ka tel ka Deepak, mishry, Dhan, and also giving urad along with til in temple will give relief.  Praying to Lord Hanuman and Kaal bhirava and Lord shiva will also be helpful.

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