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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

2020 - Pisces - Meena

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Meena – Pisces

The year to reduce all your tempers and lead the life with planned schedules without any second thoughts or hampering the schedules.  Total belief on friends and family should be restricted and all executions shall be done by yourself.  Health has to be taken care of at all times.   Your timely help to friends and families during yesteryears would fetch you returns on the time.  Karma plays the role should be kept in mind at all times.  Finance would not be a much problem for right people.  Speculations should be avoided at all times. Government pressures would always be favourable for right people.  Some who have impact of Saturn should be vigil in their moves, as it would lead to face judicial troubles. July and August would be a period of troubles from all sides, but proper planning and implementation would not hamper your schedules.  Family bonding would fetch you happiness.  After September, the period is totally favourable and one can see good things happen in life.  Some women can foresee medical expenses for their parents.  Some women would plan to start own business and can find success.  Competition would lead to succees has to be kept in mind.  Have a give and take policy during May to June Middle as it would hamper your schedules.

2020 - Aquarius - Kumbha

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Kumbha – Aquarius

A year to be good in general with desired things to happen for right people at the right time.  A year to be appreciated for its well maintained year without much troubles and hurdles for many.  Start of the year would fetch you good news in life and those in deep troubles can get relieved from those impacts.  Good expenses on family is foreseen.  Timely help from right friends and family members can be foreseen. Students can foresee good education as desired and would pass out in flying colours without much troubles.  Mis-understandings in family would vanish and many can see unity among family members.  Brother-sister love would be bonding for ever.  Parental help would a short relief in times of distress.  Many can get back their dues and all debts cleared on time.  People from abroad countries would try to help you out in distress if needed.  Business people can shine with minimum investments and no hurdles foreseen.  Transit of Rahu and Kethu would fetch you lot of happiness from family, siblings, near and dears and you would be walking on clouds. The period from May to middle of June one should be very careful in all their day to day dealings as this would turn nightmare.   The entire year would be totally favourable for many Aquarians.

2020 - Capricorn - Makara

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Makara – Capricorn

A year to be accepted for many changes in life.  Impact of Saturn would be a nightmare for many.  Particularly unexpected expenses, from out of savings would pressure up from friends and family members.  Travels cannot be avoided, which would not have fruitful results.  Some can find purchase of properties from their near and dears.  Internal transaction of properties would be helpful on the longer run.  Aspect of Jupiter would help you out in change of job, position, place, etc.  Timely help from higher-ups would make you easier to settle at right time and place.  Some can find out right job as desired and can settle in.   April to July would be the right time for those who are suffering from high pressure in job, and can try to settle at right place with the help of their boss and higher officials.  Also aspect of Jupiter would help you identify hidden enemies and tear them out from your list.  Transit of Rahu and Kethu would help you in knocking your door with good and best opportunities.  Business people can try to plan, execute their business with their expansion project and can invest for better prospects in the years to come.   Those who are worried about placements at desired employment can find it after September, which would be right time.  Some would invest in Gold / Diamond and can purchase during 4th quarter of the year.  Persons born in this zodiac can find happiness and better growth, if proper worship of Anchestors by performing Tharpans periodically without break.

2020 - Sagittarius - Dhanusu

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Dhanusu – Sagittarius

The year to be maintained with total care with clear thoughts.   One can find many disturbances in day to day life, different types of hurdles due to the impact of sade-sati.  Expenses would pop up in many ways and would be out of Control.  Change of place, punishment transfers in job, troubles from higher-ups in employment, government pressures in business would be a high impact during this year.  Always sagittarians should be prompt in their day to day business and should never deviate of their commitments.  Expenses on kids marriages would be a high pressure with many pressures and troubles.  Parental health would be stable and would not be a much concern. Financial troubles can be foreseen between July to first week of September and one should be very careful in their financial transactions. During this period, one can sell out their fixed assets to settle the issues.  Some can foresee many travels as expected after September and would fetch hefty income.  Siblings and parents would help you out in time of distress. Hurdles would vanish and many can find life turns to normal and smooth running.  Beware of sharing family issues with neighbours and unknown persons, which would trouble in times of need. 

2020 - Scorpio - Vrichika

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Vrichika – Scorpio

What you plan, can be proceeded with second thoughts through out the year.  Many can feel entire happiness in life with the proceedings and happenings till the Middle of the year.  Sprituality grows in mind and many would find ways to donate to Charitable institutions and quench their spiritual thirst.  Business people would shine with double income during the middle of the year with double orders and receipts.  Employment would not be a hurdle for right person waiting for job.  Between July to August financial crunch would burden your business and family and hence would be forced to spend out the savings.  After October, savings again would pour in and fill your wallet. Some can foresee, purchase of fixed and movable assets between March and July. Transit of Jupiter during November would fetch you happiness in life where some can find right life partner and wedding bells to ring.  Some can find name and fame, and receive their balance dues and clear their debts.  Some can foresee settlement out of India as desired.  People who are interested to participate in Politics can find their right of entry and can win if contested.  In total a year of mixed inputs, but without burdens in life.

2020 - Libra - Thula

Thula – Libra

Image result for libraUpliftment in all ways of life are foreseen, till transit of Jupiter during November.  Saturn’s transit would be totally favourable.  People in business can foresee good growth during the last quarter of the year.  Investments can double, and would fetch you hefty returns.  Aspect of Jupiter would get perfect results on marriage for kids at right time after little hurdles.  People who have their dues to get back would be happy for money would pour in their accounts at expected time.  Some can foresee sudden change of place by transfer in spite of requirement.  Some can have disputes with family members.  Health has to be given utmost importance after September.  Some people who have planned to move to various places would face hurdles.  Oscillation of mind to shift places / jobs would be a major concern for many.  Those promised to help would turn out empty hands.  Medicinal expenses would shoot up for some people.  Some can face property disputes with siblings and parents. Librans can worship Lord Bairava for this entire year, which brings peace in mind.

2020 - Virgo - Kanya

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Kanya – Virgo

Hurdles are foreseen in each steps you march forward due to the impact of Jupiter, Saturn and Kethu in Arthashtama sign (4th house).  This clearly indicates happiness would be reduced, parental health to be taken care of and postponement of purchase of fixed assets.  One has to be very calm in taking decision on profession, business, change of place, etc.  Expenses would double in all ways possible.  Disputes with partners has to be handled very carefully.  End of the year would fetch you double profits and new assignments, orders and would lead to peaceful life.  The period of retrogation of Saturn and Jupiter would be the best period for  your growth.  But all time, beware of your health, which hampers your movements.   From September, change of Rahu and Kethu would have good dealings with parents, siblings, purchase of new vehicles, would happen.  Self confidence and support from Government officials would be helpful in all your moves. Disputes would come to an end during the period of Saturn’s retrogation period. Middle of the year is where you can foresee accidents during travel. 

2020 - Leo - Simha

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Simha – Leo

Prosperity and Growth are two main things Lions can foresee this entire year.  What you think can be put into actions and good results can be foreseen.  New fixed assets can be added to your list.  All debts would be cleared.  Trouble-mongers would vanish and flourishment can be foreseen for many lions.  Those in government sector can have their transfers to their place of wish before the end of the year.  Those couples longing for progeny can foresee good results this year.  People waiting for getting right life partner can get engaged and settle in life.   Between July to September, be careful in your moves with family members, as disturbances would hamper your relations and troubles crop up.   Try to seek advice from elders in family the whole year.  Students can make necessary arrangement to get their education from their desired course getting admitted to Universities outside the country.  Religious tour and family tour to desired places are also on the pipeline.   New orders would fetch you high returns after August and your bank balance would double as desired.  You will be placed in higher thoughts in the society.  Remember – Try to help only those people who are in dire need of your help.  Poking nose without their requirement would lead you to troubles.

2020 - Cancer - Kataka

Kataka – Cancer

Image result for cancer zodiacA year, handled to be totally careful for many people.  Disturbances in day to day life can be foreseen till August, which would vanish slowly after transits of Rahu, Kethu and Jupiter.  Confusion would always prevail, which shall be avoided.  Second thoughts would hamper your projects and fetch financial loss.  Some can see permanent placements in professional career.  Misunderstandings would crop up between partners due to positional moon during the start of the year.  Face the situations as it is and never seek opinion with others.  Separation of siblings of some of your partners would trouble your move, but after September you can see back entry of friends and relatives with full support. Some people can settle their debts with the inflow of cash in business.  Amicable settlement of properties / fixed assets can be foreseen in family and some would have new ancestral properties back on their hand by documents.  Delay in worship or settlement of dues to charitable institutions would hamper your desires. 

2020 - Gemini - Mithuna

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Mithuna – Gemini

Many can foresee good results in all their deeds till end of August 2020.  Hidden enemies would vanish and good partners would help in all your business dealings.  Positional aspect of planets would help you in all ways and gains foreseen.  Support from all sides in your life can also be foreseen till November. Unexpected financial gains, getting back your invested money on time can also be foreseen.  Your proper planning and execution of projects would fetch you good results in life.  Some can have impact of Rahu-Kethu, can get reduced with proper remedial measures with chanting of appropriate mantras of the planets or its devathas.  Support from Parents and friends on right time and at right place would fetch you happiness all the year.  Those in the field of field executives would always have travel and can get good expected results.  Many who wish to get permanent employment can foresee desired outputs at right time.  Last quarter of the year would be totally beneficial when the execution of works under proper supervision or support is made.  Try to adjust in all ways possible with siblings as troubles can be foreseen for many.  Try to avoid poking nose in other’s personal life and stand alone on your deeds only.