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Friday, 20 May 2011

Bharani (Barani)


Bharanisyaadyamo yaamyastvamtako yama sanjnakaha

The different names of Bharani are : Bharani, Yama, Yaamya, Antakha, Yamaha

Detials of Bharani
Bharani is east direction with prithvi tatwa. It’s a female star with Manusha Guna. The lord of the star is Durgadevi. The inimical constellation of Bharani is Jyeshta (Kettai). The yoni if the star is Elephant and falls in Madhyama Naadi. The planetary period of Bharani is Venus (20 years). The colour is white and is in Traingular shape with three stars.

Lucky day : Friday
Lucky Direction : West
Lucky Colour : White
Lucky Stone : Diamond

Bharani is fixed on occations such as warfare with enemies, entering into water, picking of a treasure, finding hidden treasures, entering or starting of digging tunnels, performing Death rituals, etc.

Persons born in Bharani Star will always respect the parents, will be rich and have mole on leftside of the body, have a comfortable living, will have small chin, healthy, talented, respectable. He always keeps up his words, will be appreciated by others, will have less sleep, ability to do any work. They never utter falsehood, etc.

Persons born on 1st quarter wins over opponents, with able body and easily provoked by others.

Persons born on 2nd quarter will be always intelligent, respected, have weakness on ladies.

Persons born on 3rd quarter will be easily provoked by others, have good stamina and always naughty and jovial too.

Persons born on 4th quarter will also be easily provoked by others, will be strong and will be associated with wicked.

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