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Friday, 20 May 2011

Aswini (Ashwini)


Bhavatyaswini nakshatram asveedsrasturamtamaha
Adasistu rangasturangaha aswo vaajeepaya harihi.

The different names of Aswini are – Aswini, Asvi, Dasraha, Turangam, Aadyam, Turagam, Duramtam, Vaaji, Hayam and Hari.

Details of Aswini
Aswini is East direction and is Prithvi Tatwa. It is Deva Gana, and is male with the Tamasic Guna. The lord of the star is Ganapathy / Vinayak. The inimical constellation for Aswini is Chitta and Moola. The yoni of the star is Horse and falls in the Aadhi naadi. (Pulse). The planetary period of Aswini is Kethu. (7 years). The colour is Black and shape will be : 3 stars resembling Horse.

Lucky day : Thursday
Lucky Direction : South West
Lucky Colour : Wheatish
Lucky Gem : Cat’s Eye

First feeding of a baby, Naming ceremony, Thread Marriage, Learning horse features, commencement of Vedic Studies, Oil bath, Nuptials, New clothes, Elephant Riding, Construction of House, Agriculture related works, Painting of house, Erecting Coconut Trees, Performing Last Rituals, Medical Treatment, etc.

Likes self adornment, courageous, truthful, Fair appearance, lives with fame, popular, Broad chest, Reddish eyes, fond of other Sex, flawless worker, have much desire in gold and ornaments, will be able, capable and short tempered person, and liked by others.

Persons born in 1st Quarter will have unsteady mind, Carries, tales, enjoys at the cost of others.

Persons born in 2nd Quarter will be interested in religious works, guides others, and has lot of good qualities.

Persons born on 3rd Quarter will be a good councellor, Interested in Astrology and jovial.

Persons born on 4th Quarter will be very truthful, cleaver and wealthy in his life.

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