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Friday, 20 May 2011

Karthigai (Krithiga)


Kruttikaa Bahulaa jneyaha hutabhugvahni sanjnikau
Shattarako paavakaschaanalo jwalanastadaa

The different names of Kiruthikaa are : Kruttika, Bahula, Hutabhuk, Vahni, Shat Taaraka, Paavaka, Anala, Jwalana.

Detials of Kiruthika
Kiruthika is east direction with prithvi tatwa. It’s a female star with Rakshasa Guna. The lord of the star is Agni. The inimical constellation of Kiruthika is Anuradha. The yoni if the star is Goat with Anthya Naadi. The planetary period of Bharani is Sun (6 years). The colour is Red and shape is six stars together barber’s knife shape.

Lucky day : Sunday
Lucky Direction : East
Lucky Colour : Dark Red
Lucky Stone : Ruby

Poisonings, Goldsmithy, black-smithy, clearing debts, handing of money and grains, selling animals, art of collyrium learning, erection of throned trees, etc.

Persons born in this star will be Clever in trade, honoured by Government, will have a mole on right chest, likes to take short naps, will acquire wealth in noble ways, will be highly educated-famous, worships God, Argue more, have good character, will be clever in speaking. He will be having soft corner for others, with good physic, Gyani with helping tendency, Intelligent, etc.

Persons born on 1st quarter will be kind to animals, weak health and highly knowledgeable.

Persons born on 2nd quarter will be loser of self control, will not be attached be religious rites and displeases others.

Persons born on 3rd quarter will be lazy, with bad thoughts, short temper, daring, dual mind, etc.

Persons born on 4th quarter will be pensive, quarrels most with others, and will be humble with good education and scientific knowledge.

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