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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Arudraa (Thiruvadhirai)

AARUDRA (Thiruvadirai)

Aardraa Raudrecha purajichcharvaha sthanurbhavoharaha !

The different names of Arudra star are  :- Aardra, Raudra, Purajit, Saravaha, Sthanu, Bhava, hari.

Details of Aarudra :-
Aarudra is South-east direction with Jala tatwa.  It’s a Female star with Thamasic Guna.  The lord of the star is Lord Shiva.  The inimical constellation of Aarudra is Dhanista.  The yoni of the star is Dog and Naadi is Aadhi Naadi.  The planetary period of Aarudra is Rahu (18 years).  The color of the star Aarudra is Red  Only one in Red

Lucky day                     :     Friday
Lucky Direction          :     North-West
Lucky Colour               :     Honey
Lucky Stone                 :     Hassonite Garnite

Aarudra is auspicious for Setting fires, Commencement of new studies, Training on latest weapons, learning how to set right things, start practicing Black magic, Application of Hymns and amulets, Worship of Lord Shiva and performing pooja for Shiva, Death ceremonies to be conducted during pilgrimages, etc.

Characteristics of the person :-
Those who are born in Aarudra nakshatra will have the features of experts in Business transactions, observation of time and discipline, flourishes in acts of dance and cine fields, photography, printing, publications, dyeing, X-rays, black-magic.  Also will be experts in Literature on sacred hymns and favourable.  They will be always poor in live but brave, unkind but pleads for justice for others, prominent nose, clean body, always debates for others, have strong physic, clever and opposes parents.  He will be highly knowledgeable on Plans, designs, copies, recordings, etc.

Persons born in the 1st quarter of the Aarudra star will be peaceful, good qualities, good heart, attracted by opposite sex for the strong physic, Intelligent, Intellectual, straight forwardness, very skill at works.

Persons born in the 2nd quarter of the Aarudra Star are always ill-health, earning by deceitful means, Harsh talks, always proud, Boasting miserly, quarrelsome, perseverance, tactful, talkative, frank on the subjects, have rude behavior and working hard labour.

Persons born in the 3rd quarter of the star will be Foulness, poor health, Angry on the issues to be solved, have dangerous ailments, bad criticism, have good taste on the arts, dance, will earn by deceitful means, with foul thoughts, sufficient with what money he has, mocks at wealthy person for his wealthy behaviors, spreading tales, etc.

Persons born in the 4th quarter of the Aarudra star will have good character and qualities of behaviors, always godly mind, lead best norms of life, loss of temper (short tempered), Unclear thoughts on mind but dutiful behavior, intellectual brain with all scientific and technical knowledge and will be expertise in fine arts.

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