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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Mrugaseera (Mirugaseersham)


Mrugaseershe mrugaschandrihi aindovohimadheedhihi
Syaaschandra ssasibham sowmyonisaanaadho nisaakaraha

The different names of Mrugaseera are  :- Mrugaseersha, Mrugamu, Chandra, Aindava, Himadheedhihi, Sasibham, Sowmya, nisanaatha, Nisaakara.

Details of Mrugaseersham :-
Mrugaseersham is east direction with prithvi tatwa.  It’s a Neutar star with Thamasic Guna.  The lord of the star is Chandra.  The inimical constellation of Mrugaseersham is Swathi.  The yoni of the star is Snake and Naadi is Madhya Naadi.  The planetary period of Mrugaseersham is Mars (7 years).  The color of the star Mrugaseersham is White and with three stars together similar to Stick.

Lucky day                     :     Tuesday
Lucky Direction          :     South
Lucky Colour               :     Meroon
Lucky Stone                 :     Coral

Mrugaseersham is auspicious for Marriage, seematham, naming ceremony, Chaulam, first feeding, thread marriage, commencement of studies and vedic studies, oil bath, making ornaments with pearl studded, coronation function of king, Taking new positions, riding on an Elephant, Horse training, House construction, entering a new village or a town, or entering a new house, Sowing seeds in a farm for new plantations.

Characteristics of the person :-
Those who are born in Mrugaseersham natchatra will be very enthusiastic, daring, and not inclined to sins.  He will have broad eyes, likes music and drama, adoration to mother, with vide scientific knowledge, hardworker, jovial in life, passionate, prestigious, Attractive chest, efficiently manages workshop and the workers, talented, makes fast decision with stern decision, free from sickness, have the qualities of the leadership.  He always succeds in his life with the efficiency in him.

Persons born in the 1st quarter of the star will be short temper, rich, victorious, anger and proud, adopts crooked means to achieve things.

Persons born in the 2nd quarter are attracted to opposite sex, with mild temperament, envious, workmen, clever, truthful, clam and quiet and a good administrator in the work environment.

Persons born in the 3rd quarter are God fearing, Intelligent, jovial, with attractive physic and good face, philanthropy, generosity, sacrificial, with plain heart, helpful and will be having gratitude towards others.

Persons born in the 4th quarter are very clever, easily provoked and passionate.  They have bad habits, highly arguing in nature,  short tempered with anger, hatred to enemy and will behave to others with harshness.

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