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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Punarpoosam (Punarvasu)

PUNARVASU (Punarpoosam)

Punarvasyditirdevamaata Aadityaayamevacha

The different names of Punarvasu star are  :  Punarvasu, Aditi, Devamaata, Aaditya

Details of Punarvasu :-
Punarvasu is South-east direction with Jala tatwa and Deva Ghuna.  It’s a male star with Sathvic Guna.  The lord of the star is Adhiti.  The inimical constellation of Punarvasu is Sravana.  The yoni of the star is Cat and Naadi is Aadhi Naadi.  The planetary period of Punarvasu is Jupiter (16 years).  The color of the star Punarvasu is Black  Five stars together similar to Wheel.

Lucky day             :   Thursday                           Lucky Direction        :   North East
Lucky Colour       :   Gold                                  Lucky Stone               :   Topaz

Punarvasu is auspicious for  Pumsavanam, Seemanthan, Naming ceremony, first feeding of the child, Karna vedhana (Ear-boring), Chaulam (Tonsure), Thread Marriage (Upanayanam).  Start or commencement of Vedic Studies, oil bathing, selection and wearing new cloths, Coronation Ceremony, Authority to have Throne, Decoration of bed-room, Vaasthu matters pertaining to Village beneficiancy, Construction of New houses, Start new medical treatment, etc.

Characteristics of the person :-
Those who are born in Punarvasu nakshatra will have broad shoulders, respects priests and their class of people, moves cordially with others, clever and dutiful mind, generous and godly minded always.  They will have total control of Senses, with soft palms, clever in speech, Truthful with others, contentment, but have frequent illness, Good Qualities with helping nature, rightful behaviour, popularity among the people, Helping nature and florurishes.  Persons born on Punarvasu will also have a good physic, strong mind, justice for others, and opposes parents, etc.

Persons born in the 1st quarter of the Punarvasu star will be saintly devotion, with dental problems, ear disease, respiratory ordrs, pleasure in loving, Short temperament, Instant desire, reddish eyes, anger and prestige, brave and proud.

Persons born in the 2nd quarter of the Punarvasu Star are fond of variety of new cloths, new materials, fine arts, likes milk pudding, very tactic skills in the work, pleasing speech, pround, vast thinking, little richer, have high respect over the religious duties, with nice and good manners.

Persons born in the 3rd quarter of the star will be of roaming nature, Longitivity of life, Greedy in nature, have good education, clever with scientific and technical knowledge, have passion in Poems, Artistic nature, truthful to others with gentle behaviour and are the strong executors.

Persons born in the 4th quarter of the Punarvasu star will be executors at fullest possible, with beautiful outlook, good complexion, peaceful, kind, prestige, helpful, and good popularity.  He always have fair speech and does good acts.  He will be liked by women excessively, flourishes in political activities, have good contact in public relations, with business minds and abundant money. (Rich than others)

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