Starwise Preidctions for 2019 uploaded..!!!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

2018 Yearly Prediction - Makara

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Makaram (Capricorn)
All would have been totally worried with the predictions by others.  But rest chillaxed, this would not give much troubles for those who are genuine in life.  Karma would have its effect on the wrong goers in life.  The best to get rid of negative impacts of planets is to decide in terms of future and act from now in a phased manner.  This would not a much burden in present day living conditions.  Business people are advised to keep track on their day to day business dealings and all transactions are accounted properly.  Those on government sector, would face some transfers.  Some can even get promotions.  While those on teaching profession can be denied promotions due to some departmental litigations.  Some Capricorn born can be put into troubles by neighbours for some petty issues, which may lead to judiciary interference.  Those born on Uthradam should be very silent on their day to day moves.  Those born on Thiruvonam natchatram and on first round of 7 1/2 Saturn can find no troubles in life.  Decision making has to be put on hold for those born on Avittam natchatram.