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Monday, 17 October 2011

Ascetism Yogas

The Yog for ascetism is formed, when four, or more Grahas, possessed of strength, occupy a single Bhava. The person born will become a Tapasvi, a Kapali, he will be wearing a red robe, be one, who keeps a Danda (staff), Yati, he will be keeper of a Chakr, or he will be a naked Sanyasin, according to the Grah, which is the strongest of the group: Sūrya, Candr, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Śukr, or Śani. If a number of Grahas are endowed with strength, the holy order of the one, strongest amongst them, is accepted.

If the other Grahas lose their strength (in spite of being in their exaltation Rāśis etc.), as a result of combustion with Sūrya, the native will enter the holy order, as signified by Sūrya, that is, he will become a Tapasvi.

If the Lord of the Rāśi, occupied by Candr (Janm Rāśi), having no aspect of other Grahas on himself, aspects Śani, the native gets initiated into the holy order of the Grah, who is stronger amongst the two.

If the Lord of the Rāśi, occupied by Candr, be devoid of strength and is aspected only by Śani, the native becomes initiated into the holy order, signified by Śani (Nirgranthas, naked ascetics).

If Candr be in the decanate of Śani, or in the Navams of Śani, or Mangal and be aspected by Śani, the native becomes an ascetic and enters the holy order, signified by Śani.

There is planetary war, if Mangal, Budh, Guru, Śukr and Śani are together (within one degree of each other), Śukr is the conquerer, whether he is in North, or South, but amongst the other four only one, who is in the North, is the conquerer and that in the South is considered defeated in the planetary war.

If the Grah, who leads the native to ascetism, is conquered in planetary war by another Grah, or Grahas at the time of birth, the person will relinquish the holy order, in which he becomes initiated.

When Guru, Candr and Lagn are aspected by Śani and Guru occupies the 9th, the person, born in the Rajayog, will become a holy illustrious founder of a system of philosophy (holy order).

When Śani occupies the 9th from Lagn and is not aspected by any Grah, the person, possessed of Rajayog, will take himself to the holy order, before becoming a Lord of men. If there be no Rajayog the native becomes an ascetic (religious wanderer).


  1. Thanks for your information. I am jagadeshwaran facebook follower, please take a look at my horoscope, i feel the same, when rahu disa has started i get into sprituality. please take a look

    D.O.B 10/1/1986
    Place, Tirupur, tamilnadu

  2. What happens when Sani occupies 9th from Lagna along with Surya, and

    1) he is not combust

    2) he is combust

  3. @Anonymous

    Formula is very clear in the last line... i.e. "when Sani is not aspected by any of the planet".. which means, no malefic should be associated, combusted or aspecting Saturn in 9th house....

    When aspected, combusted, results will defenitely vary, and yog will not be formed.

  4. @Jagadeeswaran

    Provide your data in this link below


  5. Oops, I somehow missed it.

    What would the spiritual inclinations be during Guru Dasha and Sani Dasha with Sani being in the 9th from Lagna in the Birth chart and Surya in the same Bhava.

    Sani Degrees 15:04:55 in Swati 3padam
    Surya Degrees25:44:51 in Vishaka 2padam

  6. Saturn is exalted in 21 degrees Libra because he holds a 2 degree orb to opposite place of the exaltation of the Sun...Then he is in a position of total destruction. Whatever is signified by a planet within 2 degrees of the opposition of the Sun will be disrupted and fall in ruin.. this is as per standard rules.. But depends on the aspect of other planets, the Position of Lagna, the Midcusp of the Bhava, etc....