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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Important Formulas - Part II

Goddess Parvati said to Lord Shiva. "O my Lord! What is the sin, which causes destruction of children amongst men. Please tell me, what are the Yogas for such an effect and what are the remedial measures to protect the children?"

Lord Shiva replied: "O Devi! You have asked a very relevant question. Now I will tell you the Yogas for loss of children and the requisite remedial measures."

1) A person will be without a son, if Guru, the Lord of Lagn and the Lord of the 5th are all devoid of strength.

2) The same will happen, if Sūrya, Mangal, Rahu and Śani, endowed with strength, be in the 5th and the significator for children, namely Guru and Lord of the 5th etc. be bereft of strength.

3) There will be no male issues, due to the curse of the Serpant,

  • If at birth Rahu is in the 5th aspected by Mangal;
  • The Lord of 5th is associated with Rahu and Candr is in the 5th and is aspected by Śani;
  • The significator for children (Guru) is associated with Rahu, the Lord of the 5th is devoid of strength and the Lord of Lagn is with Mangal;
  • The significator for children is associated with Mangal, Lagn is occupied by Rahu and the Lord of the 5th is in 6th, 8th, or 12th;
  • Budh, as Lord of the 5th, being in the Navams of Mangal, is associated with Mangal and Lagn is occupied by Rahu and Gulika;
  • The 5th is Mesh, or Vrischik and the Lord of the 5th is associated with Rahu, or Budh;
  • The 5th is occupied by Sūrya, Śani, Mangal, Rahu, Budh and Guru and the Lords of the 5th and Lagn are devoid of strength;
  • The Lord of Lagn, or Guru is associated with Rahu and the Lord of the 5th is in conjunction with Mangal.
Remedial measures should be adopted to obtain protection from the evil effects of the above Yogas. These are getting an idol of Naga (serpent) Raja, made in gold and, after worshipping it in accordance with prescribed procedure, giving in charity a cow, some land, sesame seeds and gold etc. By adopting these measures the Lord of Serpents will be gratified and by his beneficence the person concerned will be blessed with a son and the lineage of his family will be prolonged.

(BPHS - Chapter 83)

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