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Saturday, 21 May 2011



Rohineecha vidhirbrahmo prjaapatyachaturmukhaha
Prajaapathihi prajesascha vidhaata pankajaasanha
Aatmabhooh padmayonisydbrahma naama tatah param.

The different names of Rohini are : Rohini, vidhi, Brahma Prajaapati, Chaturmukha, Parajapati, Prajesaha, Vidhaata, Pankajaasana, Aatmabooh, Padmayoni.

Detials of Rohini
Rohini is east direction with prithvi tatwa.  It’s a female star with Maanusha Guna.  The lord of the star is Brahma.  The inimical constellation of Rohini is Vishaka.  The yoni of the star is Snake and Naadi is Anthya Naadi.  The planetary period of Rohini is Moon (10 years).  The color of the star Rohini is Black with 5 stars together in Cart Shape.

Lucky day               :    Monday
Lucky Direction      :    North
Lucky Colour          :    White
Lucky Stone           :    Pearl

Seemantham, Pumsavanam, Naming Ceremony, Chaulam, Thread Marriage, commencement of Vedic Studies, Samaavarthanam, Marriage, Oil Bath, New Ornaments coronation, Occupation of New Positions, Fixing of New houses, Deities, doing sacrifice for others, Run or start a Charity, Stocism, Acquitision of food or grains, purchase, Get Money from others, Digging well, etc, are very auspicision during Rohini.

Those who are born in Rohini have beautiful structure, have black mole as identification mark in Face, Skillful, Small forehead, soft spoken, desire for milk and milk products, chocolates, affectionate towards their partners, famous and well known, wide learning, good walker, Talented orator, Fixed mind enjoyment, dominated, Not desirous of unlawful things, Charitable, highly wealthy, will be popular among the cirle and clever at all times

One who is born in 1st Quarter will be having good appearance, roams about and little greedy.

Those born in 2nd Quarter speaks well, checks the senses, and be honest to others.

Those born in 3rd Quarter loves songs, talented, likes magic and happy always.

Peron born in 4th Quarter always loves pleasure, grateful and known to many.

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