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Monday, 23 May 2011


The following factors generally indicate cure or recovery from ill health.
  1. Strong lagna
  2. Strong 6th lord
  3. Favorable dasa
  4. Favorable transit
  5. Jupiter’s aspect: When Jupiter aspects the dasa lord in horoscope or in transit, it favors recovery and good health.
Onset and outcome of disease:

The maha dasa gives a broad timing, the antara dasa narrows it down and the pratyantar dasa indicates the actual precipitation of an event.
When the dasa of a planet adverse to a particular lagna is in operation, it would tend to adversely affect the health of a person. If the MD, AD and PAD lords are in any way connected to lagna or lagna lord, the adverse influence will be more.
Dasa of Trika house lords, planets posited in trik houses, 22nd drekkana lord, 64th navamsa lord are also adverse.
Rahu-Ketu axis falling on lagna or lagna lord or dasa lord is an adverse factor. Benefic influence on lagna or lagna lord or dasa lord decreases or neutralizes the affliction. 

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