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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Precise Timing of Marriage

Following are the rules for Marriage, which is defenite.......

1) Note the position of Lagna lord and 7th lord are deposited in Rasi and Navamsha.

2) The life partner will be from the Triangular sign to the sign of the Lagna lord or 7th lord either in Rasi or Navamsa

3) Or the Exaltaton or Debilitation houses of the planet in where Lagna lord or 7th lord are deposited or

4) the Sign which has More number of Bindus in Moon's Binnaashtagavarga.

5) The direction of country, of the Life partner will be indicated by the sign owned by the strongest of the 3 planets :- a) The deposited in 7th house, b) the lord of the 7th house and 3) the direction in which venus is deposted.

6) The marriage will happen when the venus or 7th lord transit through a sign in which its trine to the sign or navamsa occupied by Lagna Lord.

7) Marrige will take place during the dasa of the planet occupying the 7th house, the planet aspecting 7th house or the lord of the 7th house.... It can also take place when the lagna lord transits through the sign representing the 7th house.

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