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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mangal (Guja / Mars) Dosha


Sage Parasara in his classic Bruhat Parasa hora Sastram, in the Stree Jataka Adhyayam, mentioned that if Mars is present in the lagna or 4th house or 7th house or 8th house or 12th house, the person would lose his/her spouse.

But as per classic work called Deva Keralam, if Mars is situated in the 2nd house or 4th house or 7th house or 8th house or 12th house the above same result will be happened. This is called Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha.

Hence, combining the above two concepts, Manglik Dosha means the planet Mars positing in 1st, 2nd, 12th, 4th, 7th and 8th house in a horoscope. The most pessimistic view of interpretation is that the spouse of the person with Mangal dosha will wither die or suffer bad health.

Unfortunately so much importance is given to Mangal dosha that many marriages are delayed in search of a suitable manglik match. It causes acute mental tensions and anxieties to the parents particularly of the girl's family. Granted that manglik dosha should not be ignored but there also exist many cases where manglik dosha gets cancelled and this fact is being completely overlooked at present. Mangal dosha can be cancelled within the horoscope it self when Mars is placed in certain rasis.

If mangal dosha is not cancelled with in the horoscope, it is advised to select a suitable boy or girl as marriage partner, who is having similar dosha. It is said that if manglik dosha is present in both boy’s and girl’s horoscopes, then the longevity of married life is assured. Hence one need not fear by simply observing that one has manglik dosha.


The cancellation of Mangal dosha is of two kinds.
1) Internal, i.e., within the chart and
2) Intra, i.e., within the two charts.

INTERNAL CANCELLATION:- In the following cases Mars dosha gets cancelled.

1. If Mars is placed in own house, or exalted house or friends house.
2. If Mars is in Movable sign
3. For Aquarius lagna Mars is in 4th or 8th house.
4. Mars is in association with Moon or Jupiter or aspected by Moon or Jupiter
5. If dispositer (sign lord) of Mars is in Kendra or trikona
6. For Cancer and Leo ascendants Mars being yogakaraka, no kuja dosha.
7. If Mithuna or Kanya happens to be 2nd house
8. If Karka or Makara happens to be 7th house
9. If Vrishabha or Tula happens to be 12th house
10. If Dhanu or Meena happens to be 8th house
11. Debilitated or combust Mars will not give Kuja dosha if he is in 12th house.


1. If Mars is placed in dosha places in both the houses
2. In the place of Mars if another malefic planet is posited in the second chart

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