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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Poosam (Pushyam)

PUSHYAM (Poosam)

Ijya dyautishyapushyaatu poojito guraanaamakaha !
Vaageesaschammerjyascha jeevo deva purohitaha !!

The different names of Poosam star are  :  Ijya, Dyau, Tishya, Pushya, Poojitaha, Guru, Vaageesaham, Amarejyaha, Jeevaha, Devaha, Purohitaha

Details of Poosam :-
Poosam is South-east direction with Jala tatwa and Deva Gana.  It’s a male star with thamasic ghuna.  The lord of the star is Jupiter.  The inimical constellation of Poosam is Uthraashada (Uthiraadam).  The yoni of the star is Goat and Naadi is madhya naadi.  The planetary period of Poosam is Saturn (19 years).  The color of the star Poosam is white and looking three starts together similar to a Cart.

Lucky day             :   Saturday                            Lucky Direction        :   South
Lucky Colour       :   Sky-Blue                          Lucky Stone               :   Sapphire

Poosam is auspicious for  Pumsavanam, Seemanthan, Naming ceremony, first feeding of the child, Chaulam (Tonsure), Thread Marriage (Upanayanam).  Start of Vedic Studies, Purchasing of Animals and farming materials, start of a pilgrimage, taking medical treatment, purchase and wearing of new ornaments and jewels, Coronation ceremony, Sitting on the Throne, riding on elephant, horses, etc, Construction of new works, Entering into a village or town, Making sacrifices, etc.  Taking of sacred hymns, mantras, Learing profession of one’s own Cast (Kula Vritthi), farming of new plants like Betel leaves and Sugarcane are auspicious too.

Characteristics of the person :-
Those who are born in Poosam nakshatra will have strong body, amorous, scientific knowledge, striking nose and eyes, affectionate, endowed with intelligence, well known, popular among the officials, learned, always in like of delicious eatables.  Also possess self-prestige, minute understanding, astrology, instant anger, helpfulness, Wealthy, charitable, and respects views of others, does meditation and yoga, loves loneliness and sweet items, have full longitivity of life, Litigant, fairly tall in nature and always controls passions.

Persons born in the 1st quarter of the Poosam star will live loneliness, intelligent, solitude, charitable and quick execution of works, have colic disease, will have stubbornness quality, and will have long shoulders.

Persons born in the 2nd quarter of the Poosam Star likes preaching others, slow in their activities, always will be in a state of dilemma friendly, understandable, lusture, greedy, idealism, will be rich and will be always authoritatives.

Persons born in the 3rd quarter of the Poosam star will be of plain heart, having mercy on others with sensitive knowledge.  He will be clever and loved by kith and kin, very jovial in nature, have peace with good qualities and will have good knowledge on sacred hyms and mantras.

Persons born in the 4th quarter of the Poosam star will like opposite sex, easily provoked, short temper, straight forward, will have no sympathy for others, quarrelsome, crooked thoughts for cheaters, lusture, deceitful means, etc.


  1. all the Characteristics mentioned above are true as this is my star

  2. absolutely correct..... i agree