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Monday, 23 May 2011

Aayilyam (Ashlesha)

Aasleshoraga saarpaahibhujangavyaala saninikaha !

The different names of Aayilyam star are :  Aaslesha, Uraga, Sarpa, Ahi, Bhujanga, Vyala

Details of Aayilyam :-
Aayilyam is South direction with Jala tatwa and Deva Gana.  It’s a male star with thamasic ghuna.  The lord of the star is Snake.  The inimical constellation of Aayilyam is Poorvashada (Pooradam).  The yoni of the star is Cat and Naadi is Anthya naadi.  The planetary period of Aayilyam is Mercury (17 years).  The color of the star Aayilyam is Red with six stars together similar to a Snake.

Lucky day             :   Wednesday                       Lucky Direction        :   North
Lucky Colour       :   Green                                Lucky Stone               :   Emerald

Aayilyam is auspicious for magic ceremony to procure death of an enemy, poisoning, tropp movement and management, to get release from Jail, To tell lies at appropriate times of need, to train on weapons and ammunitions, apply fraud mechanisms, inauguration of well, pond, lakes, etc.

Characteristics of the person :-
Those who are born in Aayilyam nakshatra are of resourceful nature, lover of music, harms secretly, likes to roam in the forests, with prominent eyes, very adventurous, a good listener, executes their duties rightfully, Firm with employers and employees, gets gratitudes from elders, with no desirable habits, takes cares of aged and parents, dare to meet strange and strong persons, adjustability with friends and relatives, likes to conquer enemies, and with a strong quality of liking dramas and arts, beautiful and most amorous.

Persons born in the 1st quarter of the Aayilyam star earns name and fame, will be richer with handsome body, prestigious and plain heart, clever, charity, truthful, jovial and will be known to everybody.

Persons born in the 2nd quarter of the Aayilyam Star are very cunning, respects religion, with foresight and firm decision, fickle, suffers from many diseases, uncharitable, fair appearance and earns with petty works.

Persons born in the 3rd quarter of the Aayilyam star are narrow mind, cunning, with angry mood always, stubbornness, earnings with unlawful methods, provoking others, lethargic and slow in action.

Persons born in the 4th quarter of the Aayilyam star betrays even parents, greedy, miser, always lives on others earnings, love for inferior class, wanting in health and very poor in ability and wealth, and will have always a sort of disease.

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