Starwise Preidctions for 2019 uploaded..!!!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

2018 Yearly Prediction - Thula

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Thula (Libra)

86% of people can foresee all time happiness during first part of the year till September.  After jupiter's transit, things would turn upside down for many.  Some who are working abroad can foresee changes in job and get settled in other places.  Many who are waiting for marriage, would see right alliance and get settled on time.  Some can face savings is doubled due to your high knowledge in business dealings and movement.  Those in work force can see troubles vanished, litigations / petitions are solved without third party interference and totally on your favour.  Always decide fast and act fast should be on priority this year.  Postponement would hamper your targets.  All time happiness in family is foresee with parents and spouse.  Many who are running their own business can see upward trend throughout the year.  But some can foresee huge investment, which would sure bring up profits, and would happen during second half of the year.  Those born on Chitra Natchatra can see all time happiness.  Those born on Swathi can see major life changing decisions and sudden profits from all sides.  Those born on Visakam natchatram can foresee things favourable till september, and the second half of the year should be dealt very carefully with your proper decisions.