Starwise Preidctions for 2019 uploaded..!!!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

2018 Yearly Prediction - Kataka

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Katakam (Cancer)
Sudden drifts and change of your mind would many in troubles.  While the entire year is favourable for all your deals, minimum care for self health is mandatory.  Many can see troubles vanishing in phased manner and financial stability in all walks of life.  Your approach in dealing business or in work force would be appreciated by all and can see sales increase.  Promotions are on the pipeline during first half of the year for those in work force.  Siblings would be of much help to you and your family.  Spouse would be very cooperative in all your movement and decisions.  Some would have a visit to foreign country or on short assignment during second half of the year.  In total, the year is very favourable for 83% people.  Those born on Punarpoosam would face little hurdle during second half, while those born on Pusam natchatra can enjoy the full happiness throughout the year.  Those born on Aayilyam would be troubled by others for no reason.  Your correct decision would ward off your troubles in a jiffy way, and should not give room to others to decide your life.