Starwise Preidctions for 2019 uploaded..!!!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

2018 Yearly Prediction - Mesha

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Mesha (Aires)
This year is going to be a very surprising in for many.  All happenings, be it in the field of education, marriage, employment, or other factors, all things go without any hurdles and yes upto September.  Next four months one should be very careful in dealing with finance, standing surety, disposal or sale of properties, as it would turn to huge loss.  Some people would get abroad chances only during second half of the year.  Challenging would be situation in some cases.  Siblings would always have a negative thought and would be quarrelsome.  Spouse and their parents would always be supportive.  Sudden drifts in employment, change of places, business dealings would make one worried, but it would be a turning point in life for betterment.   Some would face medical expenses for parents.  Women would see tremendous changes in their life style on day to day basis.