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Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Yearly Prediction

Predictions for 2017 for all 12 Zodiac Signs (Moon Sign)
(Predictions made as of 01-01-2017 @ 0001 hours @ Chennai)

A new Project would fetch you name and fame. Transfers / New postings are on the pipeline.  Those who had hurdles on family issues can foresee good turn of prosperity.  Some who had left home would turn up back.  Impact of family would be more and attachments foreseen.  Business people would foresee good returns during first half of the year & much investments and new proposals during second half.  Planetary transists would have better benefic results after August till December this year.  Pending dues would be collected. Money flow will be stable with lot of ups and down.  Those planning for wedding bells can hear soon before year end.  All your positive thoughts on doubling the gains would be in success rate.  Never be afraid of friends, who will always be helpful to you.

Sudden monetary benefits, expected money inflow are best for you this year.  Beware of friends who are to provoke you.  Take care of your belongings always.  Theft is possible. Bonding with family members would be high the entire year.  Some can foresee good friendships and discard trouble mongers.  Happiness prevails with work area.  Parents health would be a major concern for some.  Business people can foresee some financial loss during first half.  New projects should be dealth with after August-2017.  May-June would be a high time for you to deal with property matters.  Pending land cases would come to an amicable situation during first quarter of the year.  All time hurdles can be foresee from spouse and their family members.   Partners would pesture with pressures on financial dealings.

A year of full rejoicement in all fields concerned.  Get ready to fulfill all your desires and things you need for life.  Planetary impacts are so strong, that none can beat you or your wishes.  Enemies would turn up friends and some who are against your thoughts and actions would be away from your line.  Family would alltime be happy with your move.  Second half of the year would fetch you name and fame.  Those waiting to get into family life would expect the same.  Businessmen would shine in their trade and get much profits with ease.  No second thoughts on all your executions.  Pending projects would go through and money would flow in.  Beware of your belongings, as some would be losing major shares and also in speculations.  Some who are to move abroad would expect the same during second half of the year.

Worries would crop up for unexpected transfers.  Attention should be on the health of your partner. Don’t have much contacts on social networks, which would affect conjugal relations.  Those in Politics, will Win the elections… A year of mixed results with quarrel, anger, anxiety, relief, Travels, Financial worries, etc.  Family relatives will create nuisance sometimes which makes disturbances in life.  Travels and business trip would become unfruitful. Fixed assests would be disposed due to paucity of money. Some may lead to Hospitalization also.  Investments in speculations would turn to be a nightmare.  Some who are on the virtue of marriage, would easily find their life partner before the end of the year.  Attacks from enemies are not ruled out.  Frequent disturbance may lead to medication.  Promotions would delayed, part-time job would fetch enough money to run the life.  Investments would shoot up and returns would fall down, where partners would misfire.

All your efforts would be vain, but some may succeed at the 11th hour.  Ripples are foreseen between the married coupld, which would lead to misunderstandings and separation.  Be careful in your commitments.  Some married would have babies which would bring peace in life.  Some will have holy pilgrimage and memorable.  Personal health should be always taken care.  Property issues would lead to troubles, so deal legally.  Many would have good savings this year.  Promotions would bring mind peace.  Business will go up and investments would come down on strict vigil.  Enemies would run way on your tactics.  Speculation brings moderate gains. Many can see success in their life.  Those on Virgo (Kanya rasi) can rest assured with peace of mind throughout the year.  Income would raise, work place makes encouraging and supportive, Change of place in work front, success in ventures, extra perks in business, improvement in business dealings, good prospects on your efforts are all foreseen to many born in this star.  Politicians would see, that they are elected to the post applied.  Speculation investments would fetch returns during 2nd half of the year.  Friends and relatives would appreciate your actions.  Those looking for alliance would get booked. 

Those looking for alliance would get booked.  Students should increase their study habits and abilities to get success, which leads to foreign assignments.  Many troubles are foreseen in carelessness and on your short-temper attitudes.  Relaxed state of mind and concentration would bestow expected results.  Conjugal relations would be normal.  Change of House / Vehicles are foreseen to many.  Journeys should be performed with utmost care.  Medication is foreseen to many.  Promotions are not denied.  Many are seen with full flow of money.  Investments will fetch good results.  Those on marriage category can see themselves booked before end of the year.  Care should be taken with co-workers.  Business will shoot up when vigil and care.  No commitments with relatives, which would create ripples in life. Transfer of place or shifting would be inevitable.  Employment to unemployed would be easy.  Help from Government is foreseen. 

Competition would be more.  Sale of properties are foreseen to some.  Avoid self driving.  Travels should be well planned and to the short.  Legal disputes would prolong to years.  Take care of spouse in health issues and medicate immediately without further delay.  Occassional happiness in the middle of the year is foreseen.  Students can go down on romantic activities.  Lack of unrest would lead to health issues to self and spouse.  Transfer is mandatory and change of place is compulsory to many.  Those expecting government postings can get this year.  Misunderstanding would crop up all round the year with colleagues, co-workers and family members.  Try to be crisp and maintain the level of communication.  Impact of Saturn would reduce the Conjugal bliss with spouse.

Gains from co-born, Occational happiness, investment in business, Lingering of cour-cases, Loss of a senior member of the family, change of place of house, Alliance / marriage for singles are foreseen for Visaka born.  Attraction towards other sex is inevitable and will lead to consequences.  Women are advised to concentrate on their works.  Indulging in other’s affairs would burn your own fingers.  Spiritual inclination will lead you to visit to temples and pilgrimage.  Parents health will be a major concern.  Savings would be spent largely for health issues.  All financial transctions should be handled on vigil.  Many can expect foreign placements.  Students can secure good marks provided if concentration is more, and secure good placements. 

Escape from a great danger is foreseen.  Intimacy between couples would have doubtful union.  Family happiness is foreseen to many.  Strict care should be taken while travelling, which leads to accidents.  Regular income will hold you to maintain the requirements.  Businessmen can foresee ups and downs with moderate income.  Women have to be more care with opposite sex in workfront.  Some would have EMA, which makes to get married to them.  Hinderance is foreseen from workers / servants. Singles can see wedding bells ringing soon.  Specuation is not up to the mark as last year.  Troubles from family members is inevitable.  Disputes relating hereditary property would raise and lead to quarrel.  Employees feel irritating state in work area.  Health of spouse will cause anxiety. Children would bring happiness.

Investment returns would raise in due course of time. Businessmen will shine.  Court cases / litigation would become to you favourable.  Those on new projects can see, upliftment. Women will always support spouse in times of need.  Take care of your purse at all times.  Official residence would be shifted.  Not a bad year in total, but with little gains and happiness.  Succeeded efforts, free from worries and troubles are good indication.  Donation to charities, quarrel with siblings, distant travels, Unwanted failures to some, defeat of enemies are also foreseen.   Some chronic health issues are foreseen to Moola born, but health will be stable and good.  First half of the year is totally well and favourable in all respects.  New birth in family brings total happiness in family. 

Be assured that enemies are exposed.  Care on parents health would be best.  All dues will be cleared.  Rewards for execellency in work for many.  Partners would be loyal and business and high returns will clear all your dues.  Politicians will win elections.  All round happiness, relief from worries, success in troubles, peace of mind, defeat of enemies, weary-some travelling, all round trouble from spouse, Fear on some critical issues, settlement of court cases, being in the good book of the employer, success in work front, new baby birth in family.  Rest assured the year is 60% good in overall condition.  All your endeavours are success till November. Friends / Relatives / co-workers would extend their help in all ways possible.  Men and women would be attracted each other which leads to nuptial knot.  Recovery from Ill-health would make you relaxed from worries and leads to happiness.  Planning conception would result a good outcome before the end of the year.  Women would extend help to charities and people of need. 

Loose talks should be avoided.  Hurdles will be removed. Students will shine at large, Foreign placements are foreseen to many.  Second half of the year is good rather than first half.  Litigations, Ill health to a member in family, Official disgrace and displeasure, Enmity on you by others, unwanted expenses, Allround success in ventures and sustained efforts, Marital discord, Name & Fame to many are forseen to Uttaraadam born.  You will meet all your financial needs with good inflow.  Those on verge of promotion can expect this year.  Trouble-free atmosphere on work-front would be seen.  Nuptial knot would be made after many difficulties.  Avail leave and go short trips.  Women will have attacks from neighbours on loose-talks or on enimity.  Property partition with disputes, Health issues of spouse, Loss of materials / valuables, Change of house / vehicles are foreseen to many during the first half of the year.  Second half would bestow benefic results in all walks of life.  Those in work front can see mixed results from employers.  Regular flow of money is good in terms of expenditure.  Petty issues and quarrels should be avoided. 

Karai. G. Swaminatha Sharma
Astrologer –