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Thursday, 13 November 2014

VIII batch Astrology Course

Dear Vedic Astrology followers....

Time to roll out the Selection of Candidates for VIII batch of FREE Online Vedic Astrology Course...  35 Applications have been received and has been processed for selection based on their birth charts and finally 11 of them have been selected now... The name of those 11 candidates is being listed here... Out of these 11 candidates who are willing to join, can send mail to and they will pursue their course from 3rd Week of this month... 

1. Gayathri 14/09/1970
2. Sumithra - 08/03/1989
3. Lakshmi Viswanath - 09/08/1984
4. Vinod Guhaprasad - 17/08/1981
5. Kalyan Krishna - 23/12/1979
6. Senthil Kumar - 29/05/1974
7. Banu - 13/01/1981
8. Arthi Venkatesan - 25/12/1979
9. Vamshi Krishna - 13/12/1980
10. Sowmiya - 27/01/1985
11. Vikramaditya - 29/12/1979

All these 11 people would be sent mail about selection to the course.  They would send confirmation mail to enroll to the course in the enclosed format, as the course would be for 5 months.  

Thank you all candidates who have shown interested in learning this precious Vedic Science...

You people have been selected to this prestigious course of learning Vedic Astrology, which is a treasure in life and we are really happy to shortlist you all for admission to the course.   We really feel that you students are blessed to learn this subject.

Mail to all has been sent along with Application form for Enrollment...

So who all are interested, can send details in 24 hours, so that they would be admitted to the course.

1. Intake of students restricted to 6 (Six) only
2. Classes will be on skype voice conference on week days
3. All timings are in IST.
4. Students should be punctual in attending classes.
5. Modules, lessons all will be despatched via email at intervals.
6. Students are requested to note down details on class time.
7. No classes on week ends (saturday and sunday)
8. If in total, if internet is not available, classes would be on next working day.
9. Students can feel free to raise questions during classes
10. Step by step procedures will be taught for understanding the concept of astrology.
11. Right from basics, till divisional charts, ashtavarga concepts will be taught
12. Period of the course would be 4 to 5 months depending on understanding ability.
13. Project Report at the end of the course should be made by student.
14. Exams on the entire vedic astrology subject taught on viva-voce would be held.
15. Students should compulsorily attend the exams.
16. Admission would be confirmed after completing the CV form which is sent on mail.
17. Admission to the course is purely restricted by Sree Vedic Astrology & Research Institute, Puducherry.

Our course director would get in touch with you shortly....

Thanks and Regards
Sree Lalitha Trust (Regd)
Regn No. 1174/2013
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