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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sravana - 2014


SRAVANA (Thiruvonam)

Property partition with disputes, Health issues of spouse, Loss of materials / valuables, Change of house / vehicles are foreseen to many during the first half of the year.  Second half would bestow benefic results in all walks of life.  Those in work front can see mixed results from employers.  Regular flow of money is good in terms of expenditure.  Petty issues and quarrels should be avoided.  Men and women would be attracted each other which leads to nuptial knot.  Recovery from Ill-health would make you relaxed from worries and leads to happiness.  Planning conception would result a good outcome before the end of the year.  Women would extend help to charities and people of need.  Students below average would turn more than average.  Speculation is normal on overseas investments.  Chanting Bairava ashtakam along with Purusha suktham would reduce mental stress all round the year.

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