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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Purvashada - 2014



All round happiness, relief from worries, success in troubles, peace of mind, defeat of enemies, weary-some travelling, all round trouble from spouse, Fear on some critical issues, settlement of court cases, being in the good book of the employer, success in work front, new baby birth in family, are all foreseen for Poorvashada born.  Rest assured the year is 60% good in overall condition.  All your endeavours are success till November. Friends / Relatives / co-workers would extend their help in all ways possible.  Women would enjoy overall conjugal bliss.  Loose talks should be avoided.  Hurdles will be removed. Students will shine at large, Foreign placements are foreseen to many.  Worship of Kuladevatha within November would bestow all the above good results in the year.

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