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Friday, 27 December 2013

Arudra - 2014


ARUDRA (Thiruvadhira)

A year of many expenditures and loss of savings.  Try to fix the programs in advance to maintain minimum balance.  Friends, colleagues would lend their hands in time of need.  Don’t invest in share market etc, will lead to losses. Love affair would lead to failures and disappointments.  Health should be maintained without any time loss.  Beleiving others in your work area would put you in distress, rather work yourself to access success.  Students would get success in their competitive exams, provided more time is spent on their part.  Conjugal life would have some troubles at times.  Job seekers can get new jobs as desired and will be in the good books of his Boss.  Chant Kandhasashti Kavasam would lead a happy life without distress.

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