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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Medical Astrology

Significations of Houses (Bhavas) related to Medical Astrology:

First house: 

Head, body in general, hair, appearance, skin, sleep, longevity and old age

Second house: 

Face, eyes (right eye), teeth, tongue, mouth, nose, speech, nails

Third house: Ears (right ear), throat, shoulders, upper limbs, wind pipe, food pipe, collarbone, mental instability, and physical fitness

Fourth house: Chest, lungs, and blood vessels, brest

Fifth house: Heart, upper abdomen, stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, mind, thinking and pregnancy.

Sixth house: Small intestines, appendix, kidney, wounds, general diseases, injury, mental agony, madness, T.B., tumors, small pox, peptic ulcers.

Seventh house: Large intestines, lower urinary track, urinary bladder, uterus, ovaries and testes, semen and sexual union

Eighth house: External generative parts, loss of limbs, chronic or incurable diseases, accidents,

Ninth house: Hips, thighs,

Tenth house: Knee joints, Kneecap,

Eleventh house: Legs, left ear and recovery from disease

Twelfth house: Feet, left eye, disturbed sleep, hospitalization, crippled limbs

Important aspects of Disease:

1. Diagnosis: With the help of a “Sound Astrologer” one can be able to point to a diseased organ or region, with the study of Adverse Planetary influences in the horoscope. It is possible only for an Astrologer to guide about future ailment, if any.

2. Timing: An Astrologer, on examination of horoscope should be able to indicate the time when a person is liable to face illness.

3. Out come of Disease: An Astrologer can indicate the severity and outcome of ill health, with a fair amount of accuracy. As such, Astrologer can give results on all the main factors of disease, it is hoped that medical astrology, would some day be of great help to medical profession.

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