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Monday, 12 November 2012

Sri Amirthavalli Sametha Neelakandeswarar Temple


One has to definitely visit Sri Amirthavalli Sametha Neelakandeswarar Temple, located at Iluppaipattu a small village near Manalmedu 10 kms from Mayavaram, in Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu to get the Cosmic bless, which helps people to achieve their life goals by helping them in taking right decision at the right time. 

The 16 types of cosmic bliss which benefits in life are education,  intelligence, long life, energy, youthfulness, courage, gold, material benefit,  land assets, name, fame, good children, good friends, good wife, victory, good health and good mind.

The main speciality of this temple is Five Lingas installed by Pancha Pandavas during their present and hence this kshetra (Place) is called as Panchalinga Sthala.  Another speciality is lingam installed by Bheema is called as Shodasha lingam and one have to pray this lingam to get 16 type of benefits explained above.  

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