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Monday, 17 September 2012

Annual Chart


A Solar year has duration of 365 days 6 hours 9 minutes and 12 seconds. In other words, the Sun takes this length of time to complete one round cycle in zodiac and returns to its original position. The time when Sun after one complete round returns to its original position is called the Solar Return or Varshapravesa.

If we ignore the completed weeks out of the above-mentioned period of time, we get a reminder of 1 day 6h 9m and 12 secs. This is a constant for one year. Double the figure would give us the constant for 2 years and so on. This constant figure for any year is called Dhruvanka.

Adding the Dhruvanka for any number of completed years to the weekday and time of birth would give us the weekday and time of Varshapravesa. A horoscope prepared for the time of Varshapravesa is called the annual chart.
Steps involved in preparing annual chart:

  1. Note the weekday of birth of the native along with date, time and place of birth.
  2. Calculate the ascendant and the position of the planets. This is the natal horoscope.
  3. Decide the particular calendar year for which the annual chart is to be prepared.
  4. For that calendar year in question, find out the number of completed years of life by subtracting the year of birth from the year in consideration.
  5. Find out the Dhruvanka for the completed year by multiplying the Dhruvanka for one year with the number of completed years.
  6. Add to the weekday (0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday and so on) and time of birth, the dhruvanka for the completed number of years. The total will give the weekday and time of varshapravesa.
  7. Calculate the ascendant and position of planets for this day and time. This gives the varsha chart.
Example: DOB: 20th August 1944 (Sunday); TOB 7-11 A.M.; POB Bombay.
Annual chart is to be prepared for the year 1984.

a)      Completed years: 1984 – 1944 = 40. The annual chart is for the 41st year of life.

b)      Dhruvanka for 40 year = 40 X 1d 6h 9m 12 sec = 1d 6h 6m 29sec

c)      Day and time of birth                  0day(Sunday)  7h   11m  0sec
+ Dhruvanka for 40 years          1d                      6h      6m  29 sec
Total                                      1d                    13h     17m  29sec
Thus the Varshapravesa for 41st year occurs Monday 13h 17m 29secs.

In the year 1984, Monday nearest to the English date of birth falls on the same date, i.e., on 20th august. Thus the solar year commences on 20th August 1984 at 13h 17m 29sec for Bombay. For this time Varsha chart is to be prepared. 

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