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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Samudrika Lakshanam - 1

Samudrika Lakshanam is written by the Samudra raja (King of the sea). He has written the most pioneer subject which deals all about all your organs from top to toe. Every part of your body even including your hair and nail have a definite and positive prediction to reveal about you. A very fraction and marginal quantum of it is being widely used today in the forensic departments. While this helps them for digging out the culprit, it has lot more to reveal about their destiny.

In the present modern times, we apply this for understanding the nature of the persons and also guide them for a more prospective future. While this facial structure is permanent, and not totally changeable, it could certainly be modified and better presentation of yourself could be made for winning others and achieving your objective. 

All of us have the same face with almost a similar nose, ears, eyes, forehead and the mouth. They are called the PANCHENDRIAS otherwise known as the five important organs. It is also said in the Indian art that head is the most important part of the entire anatomy. It is like the engine of a motorcar. 

With this as the basis, we give some of the tips to see for yourself this art of studying your own face as well as the others.

1. Fore Head 2 . Eye Brow 3. Eye 4. Nose 5. Mouth 6. Lips 7. Tooth 8. Head 9. Hair 10. Cheek

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