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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Divisional Charts - D24 / D27

Chaturvimshamsha (D-24)

This chart is also known as Siddhamsha and is also seen for education, learning and academics achievements etc.

Each sign of 30º is divided into 24 parts of 1º15΄ each.
In odd signs counting starts from Leo and in even signs counting starts from Cancer and move in the same order even after completing the first cycle of zodiac.

Saptavimsamsa – (D-27)

This chart is also known as Bhamsa or Nakshatramsa. General strengths and weaknesses, physical strength, stamina & weakness can be seen from this chart.
Each sign of 30º is divided into 27 parts of 1º06΄40” each.
For planets/lagna posited in fiery signs counting starts Aries,
For planets/lagna in Earthy signs count starts from Cancer
For planets/lagna in Airy signs count starts from Libra
For planets/lagna in Watery signs count starts from Capricorn.
The counting is cyclic and continuous. 

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