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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Divisional Charts - D10

Dashamsha (D-10) :

This chart is important in achieving in judging the professional achievements, career, trends of destiny, honour and success in life. Results of one’s personal efforts in the form of promotions or demotions in profession or career, periods of professional stress, change of job etc are all seen from this chart. In the present age of cut throat competition through predictions this chart assumes greater significance in counseling through predictions. It indicates those areas where good fortune resides and where energies may be channelised for optimum results. D-10 chart also indicates the income earned due to native’s own efforts.

Each sign of 30º is divided into 10 divisions each of 3º each.
1.    In odd signs counting starts from the sign itself where the planet/lagna is posited.
2.    In even signs however counting starts from 9th house from the sign under consideration, where planet is posited in the birth chart.
3.    Dwadashamsha (D-12)

This divisional chart is seen for matters relating to parents. To differentiate between mother and father, respective karakas may be considered in the chart. This chart is also said to be useful in dealing with higher consciousness and provides a link between the past and the future lives.

Each sign of 30º is divided into 12 parts of 2º30΄ each. The counting is cyclic and starts from the sign itself where planet or lagna is posited. A planet posited in Aries is 12º34΄ in the 6th dwadashamsha division will fall in Virgo as counting starts from the sign itself, in this case from Aries. The 6th from Aries is Virgo and the planet will be placed in Virgo in dwadashamsha chart.

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