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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Divisional Charts - D3 / D4

Dreshkon (D-3) or Drekkana

This chart is seen for brothers and sisters (co-borns) of the native and everything concerning co-borns. It is also seen for happiness or otherwise which native may derive through co-borns and family ties. It indicates the birth (and death) of brothers and sisters. This chart also indicates the nature of death of the native depending upon the nature of 22nd dreshkon. This divisional chart is very much useful in Medical astrology.

Each sign of 30º is divided into three parts of 10º each.
Planets/lagna posited in 1st dreshkon falls in the sign itself in D3. The 2nd dreshkon falls in 5th from the sign and the 3rd dreshkon fall in the 9th from the sigh under consideration where the planet is posited.  In analyzing this chart one must see the strength and position of 3rd lord of D-1 and Mars the karaka for 3rd house, together with 3rd house from Mars in D3.

Chaturthamsha (D-4)

This divisional chart is also known as Turyamsa or Padmamsa. It is seen for fate, destiny or bhagya which is the real prosperity. This chart therefore combines the role of fate in achieving financial stability, moveable and immovable assets and liabilities.

Each sign of 30º is divided into 4 parts of 7º30΄ each. Planets/Lagna posited in the first division or Chaturthamsha falls in that sign itself. Planets posited in 2nd division fall in 4th from the sign. Planets poised in the 3rd division fall in 7th from the sign and planets posited in 4th division fall in 10th house from the sign where the planet is posited.

4th house inter alia signifies and conveyances the karaka being Mars and Venus respectively. In analyzing this chart see the Lagna, Lagna lord, 4th lord (in D1) and karakas Mars and Venus together with 4th house from Mars and Venus respectively in D4. The possibility of possessing immovable property, vehicles and also the happiness, troubles or litigations connected with these significations can be seen from this divisional chart. Broadly this is the method of analyzing the Vargas taking into account the respective karakas of the house in question. This method may be employed in studying remaining divisional charts as well.


  1. I have all 12 planets in my Chaturthamsha's unbelievable!

  2. i have 12 planets in my d4 chart (charturthamsha chart ) any thing wrong with this placement ? some body explain sep/10/1984 7:20am india