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Monday, 7 November 2011

Yogas : Part-3

According to Hora Sara (an ancient treatise on Astrology by Prithuyasas) the Anapha, Sunapha and Durudhara Yogas will not put to effect if the Moon's or Lagna's angles are not occupied. In such case, the Yoga arising is called Kemadruma which makes even a king beg. To explain this further it may be said that for obtaining Kemadruma, the Moon should not have a planet on either side or with it. The Sun's presence and of course that of nodes, will not nullify the Kemadruma Yoga. But if there is a planet in any of the Moon angles or from the angles of Lagna, or if the Moon herself angular to the Lagna, the Kemadruma Yoga does not exist.

There are other kinds of Kemadruma Yogas mentioned in Jataka Parijata which are as follows :-

(1) The Moon in Lagna or the 7th but not aspected by Jupiter.
(2) All the planets devoid of strength and less Bindus in Ashtakavarga.
(3) The Moon in case of a night birth if in fall or in enemy's Rasi/Navamsa and aspected by the 10th lord.
(4) The Moon in Scorpio Navamsa joining a malefic and aspected by Lagna lord.
(5) The waning Moon in Neecha Rasi for a night birth. As regards Anapha,

Sunapha and Durudhara Yogas according to Saravali by all possible permutations and transmutations, one can see 30 kinds of Sunapha yoga, 30 kinds of Anapha and 180 kinds of Durudhara yogas.


The person with Sunapha Yoga at birth will be a monarch or his equal with self acquired property and respected and renounced for his intellectual ability and riches. The person born with Anapha Yoga will be powerful, will enjoy good health and will have sweet temperament. He will be famous and all worldly comforts will be available to him. He will be well dressed contented and happy. 


The native with Durudhara Yoga will enjoy all comforts of life as may become available to a ruler and will own abundant wealth and vehicles. He will be generous and will be attended to by faithful servants.

One born under Kemadruma Yoga even if he belongs to a royal family, will become unknown and will lead a miserable life. He will be addicted to immoral ways, will face poverty, will be a menial and will be wickedly disposed.

(Mantreswara's Phala Deepika)

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