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Sunday, 2 October 2011

1 - Suriyanar Koil (Sun Temple)

Sun - God Occcupies the for most place in the Navagraha as He helps the world with His blistering radiance and allows the living beings to survive. Without Sun-God there would not be any light and water besides beautiful plantations. Realising this, man started worshipping the sun and moreover He can be visualized than perceived.  Navagraha is known to render good and bad effects on the human beings based upon their deeds. Navagraha makes sure that one cannot escape from the fate but at the same it reduces the malific effects to considerable extent. Devotees of lord Siva are spared from this.

is the familiar temple for Navagrahas (planets). From Kumbakonam this place is situated on the northeastern side by bus route(15 Kms). From Aduthurai itself 2 Kms towards north. In this temple each planet has separately built up for praying and number of peoples visited this temple all over the world.  

SUN is the father of all the planets and it is a clear view god so that only peoples are  praying  the Sun in their daily life. In olden days peoples are believe ,by praying the sun we can neglect the eyesight problems . In the world each and every things are binding the god Sun. If the sun has produce overheat then people cannot alive in this world and if it is rise later peoples become lazier. 

This temple is situated on the northern side bank of River Cauvery . In olden days in this place is called ARGAVANAM. Now the place is called as SURIYANARKOIL 

In front of the temple a tank named as "SURIYA PUSHKARANI" and "NAVA THEERTHAM" created by Lord Siva with his "SULAAYUDHA".The Peoples after bathing in this PUSHKARANI and NAVA THEERTHAS they are getting anugraha by God SURIYA

According to Atharvana Veda, one who worships Surya Bhagawan will be relieved from diseases pertaining to the eyes and heart.

Sree Surya Puranam When the world came into existence, the first sound that reverberated was ‘Ohm’. Surya was born from this ‘Omkara naadham’. Sree Markandeya Puranam has explained this factor. Suryan was the son of Sage Kashyap and was the grandson of Sage Maarisi. Surya married Soorvarsala, the daughter of Viswakarma. Vaivasvatha Manu and Yamadharmarajan were his sons and Yamuna, his daughter. It should be mentioned here that the chariot of Surya has only one wheel. It is drawn by seven horses in seven colors. Lord Surya, who is the chief of the grahams, appears with a lotus in his divine hands. Surya Bhagawan blesses his devotees with good health, fame and efficient management.

The presiding deities are Puranavaradheeswarar and his consort Mangalanayaki. Surya is the Lord of Simma Rasi and occupies the central place amongst the navagrahas. The adidevatha is Agni, prathyutha Devatha – Rudran. His color is red and his vahana is a chariot drawn by seven horses. The grain associated with his is wheat; the flower – lotus, yerukku; fabric – red clothes; gem – ruby; food – wheat, rava, chakkara pongal.Suryanaar Koyil was built by the Chola kings.

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