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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Important Formulas

Some of the important formulas explained in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra in Chapter 12 are listed out here

SICK WIFE. Should Yuvati Lord be in Ari, 8th, or Vyaya, the wife will be sickly. This however does not apply to own Bhava, or exaltation placement, as above.

Excessive·Libidinousness/Death·of·Wife. If Śukr is in Yuvati, the native will be exceedingly libidinous. If Śukr yuti a malefic in any Bhava, it will cause loss of wife.

PLURALITY OF WIVES. If Yuvati Lord is in a Rāśi of Śani, or of Śukr and be drishtied by a benefic, there will be many wives. Should Yuvati Lord be particularly in exaltation, the same effects will come to pass.

Mangal denotes a female with attractive breasts. Śani indicates sick and weak spouse. Guru will bring a spouse with hard and prominent breasts. Śukr will bring one with bulky and excellent breasts.

WORTHY SPOUSE. The native will beget a spouse endowed with (the seven principal) virtues, who will expand his dynasty by sons and grandsons, if the 7th Lord is exalted, while Yuvati is occupied by strong Lagna Lord and a benefic.

EVILS TO SPOUSE. If Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is yuti with a malefic the native’s wife will incur evils, especially, if Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is bereft of strength.

LOSS OF SPOUSE. If Yuvati Lord is devoid of strength and is relegated to Ari, 8th, or Vyaya, or, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, the native’s wife will be destroyed (i.e. she will die early)

LACK OF CONJUGAL FELICITY. If Candr is in Yuvati, as Yuvati Lord is in Vyaya and the Karaka (indicator Śukr) is bereft of strength, the native will not be endowed with marital happiness.

PLURALlIY OF WIVES. One will have two wives, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, or in a malefic Rāśi along with a malefic, while Yuvati Bhava, or the 7th Navamsa belong to a eunuch planet. If Mangal and Śukr are in Yuvati, or, if Śani is Yuvati, while the Lord of Lagn is in Randhr, the native will have 3 wives. There will be many wives, if Śukr is in a Dual Rāśi, while its Lord is in exaltation, as Yuvati Lord is endowed with strength.

THREE MARRIAGES. Should Candr be in Yuvati from Śukr, while Budh is in Yuvati from Candr and Randhr Lord is in Putr (from the Lagna), there will be marriage in Karm year followed by another in the 22nd year and yet another in the 33rd year. (Sloka 40 and 41)

DEATH OF WlFE. lf Ari, 7th and 8th are in their order occupied by Mangal, Rahu and Śani, the native’s wife will not live (long). (Sloka-42)

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