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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Kala Sarpa Yoga (The Real Yoga Combinations)

Kala Sarpa Yoga is termed to be an inauspicious yoga and it is one amongst the Nabhasa Yogas.  This yoga in a Chart of a person denotes the Physical Deformity of the person with Weakeness, Sudden drift in things, Unluckyness, deceit, Misfortunes in life, etc.  Its is only because of those planets within the 180 degrees of the Ascending and Descending nodes (Rahu and Kethu).   According to the exact terminology of KALA SARPA YOGA, Kala - Time, Sarpa - Serpant and Yoga - Combination, the native (Soul) is under the hold of the serpant for a certain period of time according to Karma of his Birth.  This is to be kept in mind at the first instance.   The qualities which are positive in this combination of yoga are the native will be arduous in his works, with high qualities in his research field of studies, have a good Administrative Techniques, good on Philosophy, and many more.  He will be much adaptive to the materialistic way of living and have good Spiritual ideas.

Please note none of the Astrologers and their books such as Uttra KalAmrutha, Brihat ParAsara HorA sAstra, Brihat jAtakam, PhaladEpika, JatakAbaranam, Sanketnidhi, Manasagari Pathathi, Jaimini sUtras, never speak about this Kala Sarpa Yoga.  We can deduce that Kal Sarpa Yoga has no reference in classical texts, nor supported by any astrological texts, because Maharshi Parasar, Jaimini, Varahamihira, Ramanujacharya, Kalidas, Baidyanath Dixit, Benkateswar Daivajna, Mantreswar, Chuntiraj or famous astrologers did not accept this yoga.

Defenition of Kala Sarpa Yoga

Agre rahur atho kethu, Sarve Madhya gata graham,

Yogam Kalasarpakhyam, Nripa Sasya Vinasanam

According to the sloka above, Rahu should be ahead of the ascendant (Lagna), and Kethu should be behind, and all the planets should occupy in between those 2 planets and no planet should be in conjuction with either of those 2 planets (rahu and kethu). 

Different types of Kalasarpa yogas.

1) Anantha Kalasarpa Yoga : 
Rahu occupies the lagna and Ketu at the 7th House while other planets are in between 180 degrees.   The native will tremendous struggle for progession in life, late marriage.  Life will lead to miserable situations for both the partners.  Better prospects of life can be realized at the second half of the life, due to the turn towards spirituality.

2) Kulika Kala Sarpa Yoga:
Rahu occupies the 2nd house and Kethu in 8th House, while all other planets are in between 180 degrees.   Since rahu is associated in 2nd house (Dhana bhava), one can have a loss in financial position, Kethu in 8th house will lead to loss of ancestral properties, unexpected debts left out by parents, etc.  The native will have serious health afflictions, But will be perfect in his deeds and thoughts as 2nd house is related to Buthi and thoughts.  The native will have lack of support and help from his own family members, looses best opportunities in life because of his stringent speeches and his perfection towards attaining his goal in life.  Upliftment in life can be realized after the age of 33.

3) Vasuki Kala Sarpa Yoga :
In this combination of Yoga, the ascending node will be in 3rd house and Descending node will be at 9th house and all other planets are will be within 180 degrees between the nodes.  The impact will be the native will have sufferings both from children and parents.  The native will loose self confidence in all matters of decision making and will not be popular amongst his friends and relatives.  Native can see uplift in his own life after he attains the age of 36.

4) Shankuphala Kala Sarpa Yoga :
In this combination of Yoga, the ascending node will be in 4th house and Descending node will be at 10th house (positioned at Quadrants from Ascendant) and all other planets are will be within 180 degrees between the nodes.  The native will suffer from his own debts and much worried on financial losses.  The native will be changing the job / business frequently due to hold on financial issues, which will be of main concern.  His efforts will be futile and his movement with the society is much appreciated in times.

5) Padma Kala Sarpa Yoga :
Rahu (the ascending node) occupies the 5th house from Ascendant and Kethu occupies the 11th house and all other planets positioned within 180 degrees from Rahu and Kethu.  Since Rahu occupies 5th house, it can be well noticed, the Poorva Punya Phala is totally lacking due to the impact of the planet.   The Karma of the native is totally afflicted with the impact of Rahu, which leads to loss of kids, or no progeny or the Good & Bad Karma is affecting the native.  Due to this impact, the native will suffer from progeny, nor if begets children, will not have meritorious career.  Will have severe health problems, are experienced till the age of 48.  (Note : If the 5th and 9th lord are exalted and are Benefic planets in the native’s chart, the impact of Rahu is diminished. Analysis should be made accordingly)

(will be continued....................)

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