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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Udayalur - Selva Maha Kali Amman

The village has four temples dedicated to Hindu deities.The Selva Maha Kali Amman Temple is the most popular of the four,while the Kailasha Nathar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has significant history and due importance.The other two temples are the Palkulatthi Amman temple and a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The annual "Thiruvizha" or the "Thirunaal" is a celebrated during March-end or April-beginning as a token of gratitude to God.It is also a time of celebrations throughout the village and places surrounding it as people from across everywhere gather to the village.This is a common feature of most villages in the state of Tamil Nadu.Street plays are held,which people attend enthusiastically. It is also the hometown of Udayalur K. Kalyanaraman Bhagwathar,is a contemporary stalwart in Dakshina Bharatiya Bhajana Sampradaya.

Udayalur(உடையாலூர்) is a village in the Kumbakonam taluk of Thanjavur districtTamil NaduIndia.Udayalur is a few kilometers away from the historic Chola dynasty stronghold town of Kizha Pazhayarai(கீழப்பைழயாைர).The village was historically called "SriKangeyapuram"(கான்கேயபுரம்).

This village is the final resting place of the Great Chola dynasty emperor Raja Raja Chola I,though it remains less known than the temples he built far off.

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