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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Classification of Stars

1.         Dhruva or Sthira ( Fixed or Constant ) Uttara Treyam, Rohani
Works of fixed nature are done in these stars. For eg. Foundation, Starting services, Upanayana, Marriage, Griha Pravesh etc.

2.         Chara (Movable)Swati, Punarvasu, Sravana, Dhanista, Satabisha , are of movable type.
All movable activities like Riding of Vehicles, Journey, any act needing Motion can be done in these stars.

3.         Ugra – Kroora  (Aggressive) Poorva Treyam,Bharani, Makha.
Suitable for killing, Cheating ,Works involving use of Fire, Theft, Poisoning, Research on Medicine and Poison, Weapons, Surgical Operations, obtaining License of a Gun etc.

4.         Mishre – Sadharana  (Mixed – ordinary) Visakha, Kirthika  
Good for Fire Works, Welding, Melting, Gas Works,  Fabrication,  Agnihotra etc.  

5.         Kshipra – Laghu  (Short and Dynamic) Hasta, Aswini, Pushyami, Abhijit
Suitable for Construction, Starting a Shop, Selling, Garbhadana, Starting Education etc. 

6.         Mruda – Mitra  ( Gentle , Friendly )  Mirgasira, Revati ,, chitra, Anuradha
Singing, Learning Music, Making or Wearing cloths,Playing, Making Friends, Regarding Ornaments.

7.         Teekshana – Daaruna  (Ferocious and Bitter)  Moola, Jyesta, Arudra , Aslesha 
Good for starting Tantrik acts, Killing, Black Magis, Mitra Bhedam, hata Yoga etc.

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