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Friday, 29 July 2011

Bhava Bhala

The strength of a Bhava is called Bhava Bala. The Bhava Bala is composed of

Bhavadhipathi Bala
Bhava Dristi Bala
Bhava Dig Bala

Bhava Adhipati Bala: 
This is the strength of the lord of the house. The strength of the lord is determined as per Shadbala of planet.

Bhava Drishti Bala: 
Each Bhava is aspected by a planet and its aspect may be positive or negative depending upon the aspecting planet.

The strength is calculated as in the case of Graha Drishti bala, taking the Mid cusp of Bhava as the aspected planet.

Bhava Dig Bala: This is the strength acquired by Bhavas falling in different groups of Rasis or signs.  The signs are classified as Nara, Jalachara, Keeta and Chatushpada signs.

Nara signs: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, first half of Sagittarius. If Ascendant falls in Nara rasis, ascendant gets 60 Shs. If the sign is in 7th house, the strength is 0.
Jalachara: Cancer, Pisces, second half of Capricorn. If 4th house falls in Jalachara sign, it gets 60 shs and in 10th house 0 shs.

Chatushpaada: Aries, Taurus, Leo, second half of Sagittarius. When 10th house falls in Chatushpada rasi, it gets 60 shs. In 4th house its value is 0.

Keeta: Scorpio. If 7th house falls in Keeta sign it gets 60 shs and in ascendant it gets 0.

Basing on the above principles the Bhava Dig bala is calculated.

For Example, when the Ascendant is Aries:  Aries is the Chatushpada sign and hence it gets 60 shs in 10th house and 0 in 4th house.

Hence Chatushpada sign gets
60 shs in 10th house, 50 shs in 11th house, 40 shs in 12th house, 30 shs in ascendant, 20 shs in 2nd house 10 shs in 3rd house and 0 shs in 4th house. Like wise the Bhava Dig Bala is to be calculated.

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