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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Span of Life

1.      Count from girl’s star to boy’s star. Multiply 7 and divide by 27. Take the reminder. Let it be girl’s reminder.
2.      Count in reverse direction. Multiply by 7 and divide by 27. Take the reminder. Let it be boy’s reminder.
3.      One whose reminder is less will die first.

Eg:: Girl’s star is Aswini and boy’s star is Uttara.

From Aswini to Uttara          12
12 X 7/27
The reminder is 3. This is girl’s reminder.
From Uttara to Aswini          17
17 X 7/27
The reminder is 11. This is boy’s reminder.
Hence the girl will die first. 


  1. Suppose it cannot be divided then what is the result
    If both the remainders are same, then ?

  2. I have the same doubt as above. My star is swathi and my husband is barani. The remainder for both is 0. So how do you judge life span?