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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Samavartanam (Return of Student to Home from Gurukulam)

Samavartanam is also called Snataka vratam. This means return of student to his home from Gurukulam after completing his education. This smaskara is indicative of completion of education and bachelorhood and is like “No-objection certificate” for marriage. 

In this Samskara, the student after taking bath and giving Guru Dakshina, is introduced to all materialistic articles and all the symbols of Brahmacharya are disposed off in water.

Now a days people do not perform this samskara at proper time and in proper manner. This samskara, now a days is performed at the time of marriage.

Proper Panchanga suddi, Tarabala and chandra bala are to be ensured

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