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Sunday, 19 June 2011


There are 5 “PANCHAKAS”
Agni, Mrityu, Raja, Chora, Roga panchakam

Add the number of Tithi, Vaara, Nakshatra and Lagna at the time of Muhurta
No. of Tithi from Sukla pratipada
No of Vaara from Sunday
No of Nakshatra from Aswani
No of Lagna from Mesha

After  adding the four numbers, the sum is to be divided by 9, If the reminder is :
1          = Mritya           – Death
2          = Agni              _ Fire
4          =  Raja             _  King
6          = Chora            _ Thief
8          = Roga (vasu)- Diseases

The above Panchakas are very bad . Hence such Muhurta should be avoided.
For Marriage – Mrityu Panchaka should be avoided
For Upanayana – Roga  Panchaka should be avoided
For constructions – Agni Panchaka should be avoided
For Jobs – Raja Panchaka should be avoided
For Travel  -  Chora Panchaka should be avoided


  1. sir, we have to add the no of 'lagna dhuruvam ' also na ?

  2. Can you say for medical treatment which panchaaka is Goodland which panchaaka should be avoided