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Monday, 27 June 2011

Importance of Prasna

In predicting the results, Prasna plays an important role. Hence, Prasna is treated as a separate part in Astrology and it was given place in the 5 parts of astrology called, Siddhanta, Hora, Samhita, Sakuna and Prasna. When natal horoscope is available for giving the predictions, what is the necessity of Prasna? Prasna can be used for those persons who are not having natal chart, or the natal chart is not available at the time of approaching the astrologer.

Prasna can be used in the situations where one of the several opportunities is to be selected. For example, selection of one job when there are opportunities for more than one job, selection of one match for a girl or boy when there are more than one match.

Prasna can be used in the case of theft, in identifying the thief, whether the lost property will be recovered or not, in the case of missing persons, in the case of ill health where the doctor is to be changed or the treatment is to be changed and so on.

The Prarabdha karma is denoted by the natal horoscope. The modifications of Prarabdha karma in this birth can change the results and that can be identified by Prasna. The natal chart denotes the position of the Karma phala till the time of birth and the prasna chart indicates the karma phala that was modified after birth till the time of asking the question. If the results in natal horoscope and the prasna horoscope are similar, then the results will be definitely experience.

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