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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Jyeshta - 2014


JYESHTA (Kettai)

Troubles from family members is inevitable.  Disputes relating hereditary property would raise and lead to quarrel.  Employees feel irritating state in work area.  Health of spouse will cause anxiety. Children would bring happiness.  Investment returns would raise in due course of time. Businessmen will shine.  Court cases / litigation would become to you favourable.  Those on new projects can see, upliftment. Women will always support spouse in times of need.  Take care of your purse at all times.  Official residence would be shifted.  Not a bad year in total, but with little gains and happiness.  Students on higher studies will shine.  Chanting Navagraha mantra atleast 27 times a day would reduce all types of distress during the year.

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