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Friday, 3 January 2014

Hastha - 2014


HASTHA (Hastham)
Many troubles are foreseen in carelessness and on your short-temper attitudes.  Relaxed state of mind and concentration would bestow expected results.  Conjugal relations would be normal.  Change of House / Vehicles are foreseen to many.  Journeys should be performed with utmost care.  Medication is foreseen to many.  Promotions are not denied.  Many are seen with full flow of money.  Investments will fetch good results.  Those on marriage category can see themselves booked before end of the year.  Care should be taken with co-workers.  Business will shoot up when vigil and care.  Students would shine on best concentration methods and extra study hours, where higher education would be on a foreign land.  Chant Durga gayathri atleast 27 times daily to foresee good results in all your endeavours in the year.

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