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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Anuradha 2014


ANURADHA (Anusham)

Escape from a great danger is foreseen.  Intimacy between couples would have doubtful union.  Family happiness is foreseen to many.  Strict care should be taken while travelling, which leads to accidents.  Regular income will hold you to maintain the requirements.  Businessmen can foresee ups and downs with moderate income.  Women have to be more care with opposite sex in workfront.  Some would have EMA, which makes to get married to them.  Hinderance is foreseen from workers / servants. Singles can see wedding bells ringing soon.  Specuation is not up to the mark as last year.  Students often sick by some way or other, hindering their education. But proper medication at time, helps to recover and secure marks.  Chanting Rahu-Kethu Gayatri Mantras would reduce malefic impact of planets the whole year. 

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