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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Things to do Today - 26/12/2013

Things to do today - 26/12/2013

[Prashna Analysis made while Ascendant was at 10 Sg 22' 27.79" in Moola 4th Quarter and Moon at 15 Vg 49' 50.51" at Hastha 2nd Quarter with Janma Ghatis 0.00002 and sunrise at 6.31'50']

1) Employed people in Govt or Private sector can face certain tough issues and total stress.  Beware of your commitment on your works, dont postpone or delay the works.

2.  Since moon is on 9th Thithi, decisions on muhurthas, auspicious doings shall be avoided, due to the malefic impact of the moon.

3.  Secret enemies may start commenting on you. So beware of your past secrets not to be revealed to any one around you. 

4.  Good news, some would get promotion orders, transfers or some may get even appointments also.  Enjoy your day with your happiness.  Go ahead with your new path of life.

5.  Financial investments can be made on water based industries, Building, Krishi, Sea trading, Shippings, Organic Industries, Cement, etc.... today.

6. Some who are awaiting for Doctor's advice for operation can go ahead today, but would need units of blood.  Keep it ready and proceed.  Lot of C-Section babies to be delivered today.

7. Dont avoid taking medicines for Cough or Cold.  Now its the time for releif of such symoms.  in next 3 days, when moon transits to Vishaka Star, you are totally releived.

8. Avoid starting of long distance travel today.  If you are already on transit, then no issues, but you can plan short trips during the day.

9.  Long distance calls, fetches you good news to some...

10.  White is favourite colour today.  Try it !!!

Worshiping Ambal Lalitha, makes you feel little happy the whole day.  Have a blessed day with Satguru Seshadri Swamigal, being his Aradhana today!!!

Aum namashivAya

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