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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Things to do today - 24/12/2013

Things to do today - 24/12/2013

[Predictions made when Moon was in 20 Le 54' 46.07" in Purvaphalghuni 3rd Quarter and Ascendant in 8 Sg 20' 07.94" in Moola 3rd Quarter with Janma Ghatis 0.0001]

1] Mother's love is most essential for today's betterment in life. Get blessings from her today and start the work. The day will be blessed.

2] Ayushman yoga is good for many today, all the works leads to a path of betterment and would be a base for the future established life.

3] Unexpected gains in any forms is foreseen as per position of planets.

4] Be polite in dealing with clients in all areas.  May it be in industrial sector, finance, banking, trading... whatever it may be.  This leads to close association and better business.

5] Today is somewhat good for people who are planning for conception.  Plan for your future life and start from today, the days are good.

6]  Some will be lucky to have close associates with Royal people, which would bring them name and fame due to Raja sambandha yoga.

7] Dhaana / Dharma would fetch you happiness today, as Dharma-Karmathipathi yoga is formed with the aspect of Guru, the 9th lord of the Zodiac sign.

8] Planning for abroad trips ?? hold on for a few days, not auspicious today.

9] People suffering from allergy should take more care today, as aspects of planets today would add fuel to the impact.

10] Trying to give elocution, participating in competition, sharing knowledge today ??? GO ahead, the day is yours, you can enjoy happiness today in your life...

11] Beware of your properties today, some may loose valuable articles in transit.  Take care of your belongings in some way or other.  Avoid taking jewels along with you.

12]  Sun having low bindus, would fetch you distress in thinking ability, such people should avoid making important decisions today, can be postponed to few days later.

13] Travelling with family and friends to meet relatives and temples, will make life memorable today. Go ahead with your trips today.  Plan accordingly.

May goddess Lalithambiga makes you success in all ways possible today.  Aum Gam Ganapathayae namah:

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