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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Things to do Today 21/12/2013

Things to do today - 21/12/2013

[Predictions made when is Moon positioned at 14 Cn 57' 09.75" in Pushyami 4th Quarter and Ascendant in 5 Sg 16' 49.90" in Moola 2nd Quarter]

1. Delay in process is foreseen, due to other happiness prevailing in other areas of interest.  Strict on to the time schedule.

2. Happiness can be foreseen in relation to purchase of high valuables to partners in life, and with other relations.  Go ahead, the day is yours.

3. Dealing with purchase of fixed properties should be dealt with care today, as there may be unknown issues, which would hamper the process.

4. Avoid new friends and requests to help in unknown issues. You may burn your fingers later.

5. Long pending issues for travel is now open. Enjoy outing with family or friends as desired, which adds further fuel to your happiness.

7. Going to hotel for dining.  Have your medicines along with, as your memory power is little low today.  Do not avoid it, else doctors would eat your money.

8. Planning for Investments shall be postponed for other day, as it will block your returns as expected.

9. Unexpected gains today for some, due to impact of Moon and Jupiter in the predictions chart.  Either the old dues, or loan, whatever may be, you can expect it today.  Enjoy

10. Male domination in household effects can be see.  Women to keep quite today, else you will be in trouble.  Beware ladies...

11. Avoid commitments in any areas of dealing, as it would fetch a negative impact on you.  Hold it today... can be made other day.

And last, wanna the day to be more fruitful, Pray lord Dakshinamurthy and Sarveswara at the start of the day, and go along.  Let peace prevails to every one.

aum shAnthi!! shAnthi!! shAnthi!!

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